How do I get involved with the PLE Home Owners Association?

To get involved in our PLE HOA, please send an email to us and include any areas of interest!  A board member will follow-up and assign a position that works for you!

Where do I find local links to the area schools, local and state government information and area libraries?

We have listed below several popular links for your perusal. 
Also, make sure to check additional links on our Community page.

Is there a PTA association in our area that I can join?

Yes, the following is the link to the Dallas PTA Association;
please use this link to sign up for this organization.

What can you do to help keep PLE safe?

All communities including suburban areas with previously "low crime statistics" are reporting increases in car burglary offenses.  These offenses occur during all hours of the day, affecting both residential and business areas.  Here are some simple vehicle burglary prevention tips to follow that may help keep you, your family, and neighbors from becoming a victim.

  • Always close your windows, lock your vehicle and garage doors.
  • If you must park in your driveway utilize or install floodlights.
  • Always remove loose valuables from your vehicle.
  • Always set your car alarm (if so equipped).
  • Record the make, model and serial number of all your commonly used electronic equipment.

If you notice anything suspicious, please share details as quickly as possible by sending an email to:

Upon receipt, the webmaster will post the information/warning on the PLE website as well as send a broadcast email to all Parkway Lake Estates registered residents.

What is the code and violation information?

Parkway Lake Estates Covenants, Codes and Architectural Restrictions 

We have included electronic copies of all of the Parkway Lake Estates (PLE) Home Owners Association (HOA) Covenants, Restrictions and Architectural Restrictions documents as well as additional information.  Refer to the Documents page under the secured Residents section. 

Reporting Code Violations

Violations of either City of Dallas or PLE Codes and Covenants should be reported to the Homeowners' Association's City & Neighborhood Code Officer.

City of Dallas Code Compliance Information

The City of Dallas has Code Department of Code Compliance information on their website.

Who would I contact if I happen to find a stray dog or cat in the neighborhood?

One of the best websites that is used to advertise lost pets is .  Another option would be to contact the SPCA of Dallas.

Where can I find information on Bulk Trash?

The following is the link to the City of Dallas Website containing information on Bulk Trash pickup.

How can I sign up for the City of Dallas “recycling program?

The following is the link to the City of Dallas website where you can submit an online for to order a blue recycling bin.  You may also call 311 to order via phone.

Does the HOA exercise any control over street repairs?

Unfortunately no. As citizens living within the City of Dallas we are entitled to report pot holes and defects in any city maintained structures, such as cracked or subsiding sidewalks. We encourage you to report these kinds of problems. The City will respond to these requests but usually has a significant backlog, so do not delay in reporting these kinds of problems. The HOA has little direct influence over street widening projects, lane closings etc. We are however able to influence the City to employ speed bumps or street signs at key locations.

How do I find out the rules about putting up a fence?

The below City of Dallas link addresses rules on fences.

We recommend on this, or any other construction on your property, to secure a permit to build prior to starting construction. The City is within its rights to order removal of anything built that does not meet code.

Also, contact the City to confirm your property line prior to building a new fence. 

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